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About Elefantasy

elephant safari Elefantasy is an initiative begun by elephant caring community residing in Amber to promote the well being of the few surviving giant of the Earth. We promote eco-touristic values and looking for the caring hands to make this cause a legacy for the trunk. Akki the founder of Elefantasy belongs to the family who is taking care of elephants since ages. Being elephants used for touristic purpose, Akki met lot of people from around the world who suggested him that they would love to learn more about these giants as they use to think that elephants are not treated well in India and Akki wanted to show them that this is not always the case.

At our park elephants are treated very well with love and care. Our community had been dedicated to this wonderful species, it still is and will remain dedicated forever.


Amer(or Amber) was the official capital of Rajasthan before Jaipur. Amer was founded in 1037 A.D. At that time the royal family called for 10 elephants from other regions of India and equal number of elephant riders and care takers were called, they were named as “MAHAWAT” and assigned them a special habitat where both Mahawats and Elephants can live together. The main purpose behind having this was Elephants were(and still) considered as an elite species and were used by the king for the procession in which the king’s men followed by ministers on horses followed by King on Elephant, elephant being considered as the status symbol.