Introduction :

First contact is always important! When meeting an elephant for the first time you have to let them get your smell. Then make them feel comfortable by stroking them and talking to them while looking into their eye. Let them feel your energy and spirit.

Elephant language :

You might be surprised to know that there is a certain language to communicate with the elephants. To be able to understand them you have to learn the basics of this language.

Feeding :

You might have heard of the saying "love goes through the stomach"? Well, elephants are not an exception. For a couple of hours you will get a chance to feed them while learning about their feeding habits, and about what they really enjoy to eat.

Painting class :

Learn about the colorful and harmless paints that are used to paint the thick elephant skin. Learn how to create a traditional elephant-painting by painting the outlines on their face and then filling it with colors of your choice.

Washing :

Morning shower is taken at the farm, using the water hose, but in the afternoon it is time to get up on the elephant back for a ride to the Elephant Lake./b> The lake is located 2km from the farm and once there you will swim, wash and scrub the elephants.

A walk :

After the refreshing bath there is nothing more pleasant than a Sunset jungle safari. Around 5 pm you will take a relaxing 1 hour ride through the amazing jungle.

Cooking :

As any proper date, the day will finish with a dinner, not for you, but for your elephant friend. You will learn to shape the chapatis (breads for elephants) and cook them for the elephants.